Friday, April 18, 2014


Florida man suffocated his young, crying son so he could play video games on his Xbox and watch TV, sheriff’s deputies said Friday. Cody Wygant, 24, is charged with third-degree murder and child neglect. He was being held Friday without bail at the Citrus County Jail. Sixteen-month-old Daymeon Wygant wasn’t breathing when emergency crews arrived at the home Thursday morning. The child pronounced dead at a hospital, investigators said. “It is inconceivable that a father could kill his infant son — it just baffles the mind,” Sheriff Jeff Dawsy said.  ”Our only sense of relief now comes from knowing that we did exactly what we needed to do to bring justice to him swiftly.


An Estero High School teacher was arrested on a DUI charge as she drove to work Monday morning, Lee County sheriff’s deputies said. Nancy Vaughn, listed as a reading teacher on the school’s website, had blood alcohol content readings of 0.26 and 0.27, more than three times the legal limit, at 9:11 a.m., about two hours after deputies pulled her over in Estero, according to a Lee County Sheriff’s Office arrest report. Deputies said Vaughn, 57, of Bonita Springs, was swerving across lanes at 20 mph on Three Oaks Parkway, about a mile from Estero High School, when a deputy stopped her at about 7 a.m., roughly the same time as the start of school. Vaughn told deputies she hadn’t consumed alcohol or taken any prescription drugs, and that she was driving 45 mph en route to her job as a teacher, the report said. 


An Arkansas gynecologist is facing video voyeurism charges after he allegedly used his cell phone to take nude photos of patients during office exams. Police began investigating Paul Becton, Jr. earlier this month after a patient told cops that she was concerned that the 68-year-old doctor “produced his cellular telephone and took photographs of her pubic region and buttocks” during an office visit, according to an arrest affidavit. Armed with a search warrant, Arkansas State Police investigators seized Becton’s phone during an April 10 visit to his office in Paragould, a city about 20 miles northeast of Jonesboro. A subsequent analysis of Becton’s phone revealed “numerous images of nude females that appear to have been taken in a medical office during medical examinations.” The photos were found “in the deleted images within the hard-drive” of the phone.


Pakistan – A man previously arrested for digging up bodies and eating them was arrested again after authorities in Pakistan said they found the head of a young child in his home. The BBC reports that convicted cannibal Mohammad Arif Ali was taken into custody on Monday morning after police in Darya Khan, Pakistan, raided his home following reports of a bad smell emanating from the residence. “We found the severed head of a young child, about 2 or 3 years old,” Ameer Abdullah Khan, superintendent of police in Darya Khan, said. “They probably dug up his body from a grave, but the identity of the child and the graveyard from where his body might have been stolen is not clear.”


Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Who has been defecating on children's slides in Ypsilanti’s Prospect Park for the past five to six months? Ypsilanti police and city officials are hunting for the person officials have described as the “mystery pooper” as warmer weather approaches. Officials have discovered feces on the slides so frequently that police installed a hidden camera to try to capture an image of the act. Council Member Pete Murdock, who is also the head of the Friends of Prospect Park, described the act as “weird and deliberate.” He said he first received a call about the issue more than five months ago and the culprit struck as recently as early March. Department of Public Works employees are supposed to be checking the slides daily and cleaning up any human waste, Murdock said, and the suspect appears to be using the slide only at night. In January, Ypsilanti police Chief Tony DeGiusti sent a communication out to YPD officers about the incidents. “We have a problem in Prospect Park with a miscreant that does not understand the difference between a children’s playground slide and a toilet,” the email stated. “Apparently this extremely misguided individual feels the need to defecate on the slide despite the cold weather. This has been an ongoing problem at this location. Please make frequent checks in the area and record them on your daily log.” DeGiusti did not return calls from The Ann Arbor News and City Manager Ralph Lange declined to comment. “We most definitely need to get this under control before school (recess) and park season starts,” Murdock said. “It’s hard to deal with because it’s so unbelievable to begin with. When somebody called me and told me what happened I said ‘What? You gotta be kidding me!” Murdock said the Friends of the Prospect Park may stake out the park as temperatures warm and the nights grow shorter. He said he has encouraged staff and residents to contact him every time defecation is discovered so he can determine if there’s a pattern in regards to a schedule. “We need to get him or her and get them the help they need,” Murdock said. Tom Perkins is a freelance reporter for The Ann Arbor News.

Sunday, March 23, 2014


Finnish artist Mimosa Pale, three times a week hits the streets of Helsinki inviting her fellow citizens to climb into her vagina-themed bike taxi. Her intention is to protest the world’s fascination with phallic objects and draw attention to the  Holy Yoni.   

Pathetic can we say???

Saturday, March 22, 2014


A 21-year-old woman was sentenced to two years in prison for having forced sexual intercourse with an 8-year-old boy 50 times. Loren Morris, who was 16 when the abuse started five years ago, was given the sentence on Tuesday, a month after she was convicted at trial at Worcester Crown Court in England. The abuse lasted two years and came to light after the child was heard bragging about the encounters at school. The Daily Mail reports that Judge Robert Juckes QC gave Morris a more lenient sentence because she stopped sexually assaulting the boy after she realized it was "wrong." "I take into account what has been said to me and the fact that you stopped the activity yourself," Juckes said in open court. "You realized it was wrong rather than being caught and forced to stop." The judge also said, "That does not stop the fact though that you had full sexual intercourse with a child when he was 8 to 10 years old." Defense lawyer Antonie Mullers said his client was still struggling to come to terms with what she had done. "Her immaturity at 21 means she cannot accept the facts yet," Mullers said. "She accepts her conviction but with time will accept more." The Mirror reports that Morris, who "grinned broadly" as she headed to court with a cigarette between her lips, was convicted on three counts of sexual intercourse with a child under 16. Morris is also barred from having any contact with a child without the parents' permission and forced to register as a sex offender for 10 years.

Sunday, March 16, 2014


A Northern California man has been arrested for biting off his 1-month-old son's nose because the child was crying. Fairfield Police Sgt. Troy Oviatt says 18-year-old Joshua Cooper was booked into Solano County Jail on Thursday on suspicion of child cruelty and aggravated mayhem. Oviatt says the incident was reported Thursday shortly after 8 a.m. when the infant's 17-year-old mother called authorities saying her son was bleeding from his nose. Officers found the baby and his parents at home, and the child was taken to NorthBay Medical Center and later transferred to Children's Hospital Oakland. Doctors determined the baby has suffered a skull fracture and brain hemorrhage and that a third of his nose had been severed, Oviatt says.


An Australian woman discovered her pet dog had been eaten by a snake in the most gruesome possible way after finding a bloated python lying curled in its kennel with the end of the dog’s chain still dangling from its mouth. Amazingly, the wildlife-lover had only chained her Chihuahua-Maltese cross overnight to stop it disturbing native animals near her Caniaba home in northern NSW, but it meant there was no escaping the 2.5-metre python that slithered into the kennel. When the woman went outside to let the dog off its chain the following morning, she discovered the bloated snake curled up inside the kennel. The end of the chain was protruding from its mouth. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014


Meet Jordan Wiser, a high school senior you might call an overachiever. Enrolled in an Ohio vocational-technical school, Wiser was taking Firefighter 2 and EMT courses to bolster his dream of future public service. “Last year, I completed the law enforcement course,” the 18-year-old told The Huffington Post, “I received several certifications, including the National Terror Defense certification from FEMA, the Terror Recognition certification and (certification as an) Emergency Vehicle Operator.” Wiser also joined the Army, enrolling the Future Soldiers program, and was scheduled to ship out in August. After his planned military service, he figured he’d embark on a career as a police officer or firefighter. But Wiser’s big dreams of public service are on hold. In fact, he’s now enduring a nightmare. It all started Dec. 12 when administrators at Ashtabula County Technical and Career Campus (A-Tech) in Jefferson, Ohio — about 60 miles northeast of Cleveland — questioned Wiser after an alleged tip regarding videos uploaded to Wiser’s You Tube account.  Among the clips are reviews of video games and merchandise, home defense tactics, and an interview with a local police officer. “The principal said he had reason to believe I had weapons in my vehicle and needed to search it,” Wiser told the Huffington Post. “He made me empty out all my pockets, and the vice principal grabbed me and patted me down very forcibly. It was somewhat awkward. Then they took my car keys. I told them what was in my car and said, ‘Don’t be alarmed.’” Wiser added that he didn’t give school officials permission to search his vehicle, nor was there a warrant to perform the search. But they cited the school handbook as their warrant, he said, adding that they denied his request to call an attorney. And what did they find inside Wiser’s vehicle? A folding blade pocketknife, a stun gun and two Airsoft guns. Airsoft is a game akin to paintball in which participants shoot each other with round non-metallic pellets, and Wiser said he had plans for an Airsoft game after school. The stun gun was for self-defense, he said, adding that the pocketknife was part of his EMT kit. “My stun gun was locked in the glove box,” Wiser told the Huffington Post, “and the knife was in my EMT medical vest. I bought it at K-Mart and have it as part of my first responder kit for cutting seatbelts.” Wiser was arrested and jailed for illegal conveyance of a weapon onto a school ground, a Class 5 felony. Harold Specht, the chief assistant prosecutor at the Ashtabula County prosecutor’s office, said the charge is related only to the pocketknife. “I was in jail for almost 13 days,” Wiser told the Huffington Post. “The first bond hearing I went to was on December 15. The judge ordered me [to be] held on a half million-dollar bond, pending a psychological evaluation. I did that and passed. They found I was not suicidal, homicidal or a threat to anybody. My attorney brought it up in front of a different judge, who let me out on a $50,000 bond and an ankle monitor. I was released from jail on Christmas Eve.” Given his school’s locale, Wiser doesn’t understand all the hubub over his pocketknife — nor the wide-ranging fallout from its discovery. “There are kids at my school all the time who get caught with knives and are suspended,” he told the Huffington Post. “My school is very rural, and people carry knives. I can accept the fact that there was a lapse in judgment, and I can accept a punishment, but I have already been expelled from both the tech school and my home school.” Jerome Brockway, the A-Tech superintendent, declined to discuss the case. And since Wiser’s felony charge, he said the Army discharged him pending a not-guilty verdict or dropped charges without prejudice. That’s not all. If the felony charge sticks, things could get way worse.
“If I am convicted of a felony, I’m never going to be a police officer. I’m never going to be a fireman. I’m never going to be in the military,” he added. “I won’t even be able to be a janitor. I’m 18 years old, and this is going to ruin my entire life.” If all of the knocks against Wiser weren’t enough, he added that the conditions of his bond prohibit him from contact with his grandfather, who is dying from cancer. “The one judge I went in front of told me to remove any firearms from my parents’ house and put them at my grandpa’s house,” Wiser said. “The next judge freaked out about me even knowing what a gun is and put a no-contact order against me and my grandparents. My grandfather is dying right now, and I am not allowed within 500 feet of him.” There was a petition on that demanded Wiser’s charges be reduced to a misdemeanor, and within 48 hours, it attracted 1,349 signatures. But Wiser said he asked that the petition be closed, which it was. “The court threatened to hold sanctions against me and my lawyer,” Wiser told the Huffington Post. “I guess the prosecutor was upset because his inbox had been flooded with emails as a result of the petition.” Specht said he’s aware “there’s a load of people out here that just think we’re the devil because we’re allegedly ruining this young kid’s life,” but he insisted that’s not the case and that the felony charge is justified and there are no plans to reduce the charge. “There are all these school occurrences where people are shot, people are killed by other students,” Specht said. “We see it every day … so we don’t take these things lightly. … We have to be sure that we don’t have a potential for something like that to happen here.” Wiser said he’s offended by Specht’s characterization. “I was enlisted in the Army and went to school to be [a] police officer and fireman,” he said. “Why are they trying to paint me as a potential school shooter? I never had any intentions of hurting a soul.” Wiser’s attorney, William Bobulsky, did not return calls for comment from the Huffington Post. Wiser is scheduled to appear in court again on April 1 for a pretrial hearing. A jury trial is tentatively scheduled for June 11. “Never in my life did I think this would happen,” Wiser said. “I dedicated my life to public service, and now a four-inch pocketknife could ruin everything.”

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


DAMATURU, Nigeria (AP) — Suspected Islamic extremists killed at least 29 students at a school dormitory in a pre-dawn attack early Tuesday, the spokesman for the governor of Nigeria’s Yobe state told The Associated Press. Soldiers guarding a checkpoint near the government school were mysteriously withdrawn hours before the attack, said the spokesman Abdullahi Bego.
The militants locked the door of a dormitory where male students were sleeping and then set it ablaze, slitting the throats of those who tried to clamber out of windows and gunning down those who ran away, said teacher Adamu Garba. He said some students were burned alive in the attack that began around 2 a.m. Female students were spared in the attack, said spokesman Bego. The attackers went to the females’ dormitories and told the young women to go home and get married and to abandon the Western education they said is anathema to Islam, he said. They allowed the females to escape, Bego told AP, relating what survivors and community leaders told Gov. Ibrahim Gaidam when he visited the now-deserted and destroyed Federal Government College at Buni Yadi, a secondary school 70 kilometers (45 miles) south of state capital Damaturu. Bego said the entire complex of the relatively new school had been burned out by firebombs — six dormitories, the administrative building, staff quarters, classrooms, a clinic and the kitchen. He said Gaidam would be asking questions about why the school apparently was left unprotected. “The community complained to the governor that yesterday the military were withdrawn and then the attack happened,” he said. A group of about eight soldiers manned the checkpoint when an AP reporter visited recently, and the nearest military base was a unit of about 30 soldiers in Buni Gari town, 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) away. But soldiers from Damaturu did not arrive until noon, hours after the attackers had finished their work and taken off, according to community leaders who said they buried the bodies of 29 victims. Most appeared to be between 15 and 20 years old, Bego said. Military spokesman Eli Lazarus had confirmed the attack but said he could not give an exact death toll because soldiers still were gathering corpses. He could not immediately be reached to comment on charges about the abandoned roadblock

Saturday, February 22, 2014


I know, I know it is not politically correct, but you gotta laugh...

Thursday, February 20, 2014


"I’m not exactly sure where to start with this one. Perhaps it’s comforting to know it’s not just Americans who do stupid things. As reported by the Daily Mail, a young couple in the West Midlands of England are raising their son Max to be gender neutral. In the morning, "dressed in a red checked lumberjack shirt and rust-coloured jeans, he shouted ‘beep beep!’ and giggled with delight while pushing a plastic motorbike around the living room of his family home." But in the afternoon, "he swiftly grabbed a blonde-haired doll, sat her in a pink plastic pram, and took her on a short walk, stopping only when it was time to pretend to breastfeed her." I have so many questions for these parents. Does your son have "gender neutral" genitalia? How will you potty-train him?  As a one-year-old, what other decisions do you think he should have the freedom to make? What if he doesn’t actually want to live in your house anymore?  Did the hamster, two cats and German Shepherd also sharing your home have the opportunity to choose their genders, and if not, why not?  When Max gets a bit older, will he be encouraged to wear sanitary napkins? Why is that any stranger than pretending to breastfeed? And why did you name him Max? Why not Susan? If you’re so worried about him being "too aggressive," how about teaching him some manners? And isn’t it sexist to think only males can be "too aggressive?" After all, I know some pretty tough and bitchy girls (some might say I am among them). I am aggressively angry at a culture that devalues and wishes to eliminate traditional masculinity. I will tell you, many bottles of wine have been emptied during conversations with various female friends who bemoan the dearth of manly men. Yes, I am personally a beneficiary of changing attitudes towards women and women’s roles. I made the choice to work outside the home. I own a business. And a power drill. I also recognize that a percentage of humanity – albeit a very small percentage – is transgender and suffers deeply because of it. For that I am sorry. The stories of those who must go through the process of transition in order to live contented lives are harrowing indeed.  But folks, humanity depends on having a fairly equal assortment of boys and girls. We’re not sea cucumbers.  It’s one thing to decorate the baby nursery in yellow rather than pink or blue. It’s quite another to encourage your one-year-old male child to pretend breastfeed his dolls."

Sunday, February 16, 2014


HOUSTON – Two teenage boys were hoping to make a deal with the devil when they sexually assaulted and killed a 15-year-old suburban Houston girl in a satanic ritual, a prosecutor said. Seventeen-year-old Jose E. Reyes and a 16-year-old boy are accused of disfiguring the girl’s body, including carving an upside down crucifix on her stomach. Reyes and the 16-year-old boy, whose name is not being released because he is a juvenile, each face a capital murder charge for the death of Corriann Cervantes. Authorities say that after the boys lured Cervantes to a vacant apartment in southeast Houston on Feb. 5, they hit her with an ashtray, a toilet tank lid and a window blind rod, strangled her and also stabbed her in the face with a screwdriver. 


UK – Another gun-wielding toy has had its weapon seized by airport security. After a cowboy sock monkey Rooster Monkburn had his tiny harmless weapon seized last year, a Woody doll underwent similar probe at London’s Heathrow Airport. Healthrow traveler John Hazen posted a picture of his son’s figurine to the social-media website Reddit on Tuesday showing a security official removing the doll’s gun. “At Heathrow, security just confiscated his ‘weapon,’ keep the world safe boys,” Hazen wrote on the site. The doll does not usually come armed with gun – it was an accessory the family added. 


FEBRUARY 12--Police today announced charges have been filed against a Pennsylvania man in connection with the fatal drive-by shooting of a horse pulling an Amish buggy. Timothy Antonio Diggs, 22, is facing seven misdemeanor counts, including reckless endangerment, cruelty to animals, and firing into an occupied vehicle, according to the East Lampeter Township Police Department. The horse was pulling a buggy with five family members around 9 PM on November 24 when “an unknown type car traveling north passed the buggy.” The buggy’s occupants, a married couple and their three young children, told investigators that they heard “a loud noise, described as sounding like a firecracker” as the vehicle passed. Upon returning to their farm, the family discovered that the horse had been shot in the chest. The animal died before a veterinarian reached the family’s residence. Diggs, has been jailed since cops executed a search warrant at his home in early-December. During that raid, officers located handguns and a motorcycle that had been stolen in two separate burglaries. Police did not disclose whether one of the seized guns was used in the horse killing, nor did they reveal a motive for the shooting.


Florida – A new pillow which lets you practice your kissing is available for lonely hearts without a date this Valentine’s Day. These Make-Out Practice Pillows are the brainchild of designer Emily King, who says she wanted to offer a solution to the inexperienced kisser. The 26-year-old from St. Petersburg, Florida, explains: “When I was in middle school, everyone “joked” about making out with pillows for practice. I’m assuming that I was not the only one for whom the jokes had some truth. Let’s just all admit that we all practice made-out with our pillows and we looked really silly doing it. Those poor pillows.


PITTSBURGH – A Pittsburgh man is facing animal cruelty charges after he allegedly used a machete to decapitate his mother’s Chihuahua. Authorities said they were called to the home Wednesday evening, and Matthew Ondo’s parents showed them the remains of the dog, named Izzy, along with a bloody machete and butcher knife. According to a criminal complaint, Ondo, 30, at first denied killing the dog, then claimed the devil, Allah or “the Mexican” did it. Ondo’s parents told police their son is an unemployed drug addict who has emotional problems.

I don't know...., those little ankle biters do drive me nuts at times!!

Saturday, February 8, 2014


HAUPPAUGE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) – Three people on Long Island have been arrested for  abusing a pit bull named Miss Harper.The New York State Attorney General’s office announced the three have been charged with animal cruelty in connection with the case. As WCBS 880′s Sophia Hall reported, two of those arrested, Shawanna and Lee Hughes, owned the now-7-month-old puppy. They already have a case pending against them for allegedly putting bleach on a puppy last March.
The Nassau County couple is accused of using a friend who is a veterinary technician to cut off the puppy’s ears, likely with scissors, officials said. The complaint against the suspects said they then put rubber bands and socks on Miss Harper’s hind legs to prevent her from scratching. That caused the blood to not properly circulate to her legs. The Hugheses are accused of illegally paying the vet tech hundreds of dollars to amputate one of the pooch’s legs, Hall reported. “She doesn’t know anything’s wrong with her. She’s just a loving, playful puppy,” Gary Rogers with the Nassau County SPCA told Hall. “We’ve had an outpouring of support for her.” Lee Hughes, 39, Shawanna Hughes, 37, and Reginald Smith, 33, surrendered Tuesday morning and were arraigned after a months-long investigation by the AG’s office and the SPCA, according to Newsday. They were charged with various counts of animal cruelty, practicing veterinary medicine without a license and conspiracy.
Miss Harper had a number of infections when she was brought in in September, Rogers said.
The dog has been receiving care at My Pets Vet in Huntington since she was found.
The pit bull puppy will soon be fitted with a prosthetic leg, Hall reported. So far, thousands of people have filled out applications to adopt Miss Harper. The SPCA has received applications from as far away as Australia, Hall reported.

Friday, December 27, 2013


Trayvon Martin hasn't been forgotten at Claremont United Methodist Church in Claremont, Cali.-- in fact, he appears front and center in their Nativity display. He serves as a bloody and tragic reminder of the dangers of gun violence and racial privilege in today's America, reports David Allen of the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin. Amongst the traditional holy family, Martin sits hunched over in his iconic black hoodie, blood pouring from his chest and pooling at his feet, reports The title of the scene, "A Child is Born, a Son is Given," is outlined within the blood and evokes themes of both Christmas and Easter, according to artist John Zachary, who has been creating thought-provoking displays since 2007. Zachary told Allen in an interview that the acquittal of George Zimmerman, who fatally shot the unarmed teenager in 2012, "struck him as a worthy subject for Christmas comment." "There is no better time to reflect on gun violence than advent, when we celebrate the birth of Jesus," says a sign at the church. "Jesus was born into a state of total vulnerability as an innocent, unarmed child during a time of great violence much like Trayvon Martin." As families gather together at Christmas to celebrate, Zachary hopes to get them to think long and hard about their own blessings and privileges. He told Allen that many Christmas traditions of gifts reflect “privilege, and there’s a lot of people who don’t have that privilege. Maybe I should do something that’s provocative, that’s more in keeping with the teachings of Jesus.” Sharon Rhodes-Wickett, lead pastor at the church, told Allen that she finds this year's scene difficult to look at, due to its violence. "It's hard to look at a young man who's shot and bleeding to death," she said. "But even though I'm uncomfortable, that's the point. We have to take a look at the violence."


CHICAGO (STMW) – An 18-year-old man was charged with first-degree murder Thursday after police found a decapitated man early Christmas morning in the Hermosa neighborhood on the Northwest Side. Officers responding to a homicide call found the decapitated 41-year-old man about 2 a.m. Wednesday inside a basement apartment in the 2500 block of North Kildare Avenue, police said. UPDATE: Prosecutors say teen decapitated aunt's boyfriend as a Christmas 'present'. Police said they found a knife at the scene. An 18-year-old man, later identified as Alexis Valdez, was standing outside the building and taken in to custody that evening, police said. His relationship with the decapitated man was not immediately known. Valdez, of the 5000 block of West Drummond Place, faces one count of first-degree murder for allegedly murdering and dismembering the man, police said. He will appear for a bond hearing Friday. The man was dead at the scene, according to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office. He was identified as 41-year-old Silvestre Diaz-Hernandez and lived at the apartment. Area North detectives are conducting a homicide investigation

Thursday, December 26, 2013


A 23-year-old  Canadian model knows something about "elf esteem" after having her ears surgically modified to look like the mythical creature's. In August, 2011, Melynda Moon decided to get an operation that would make her ears look like a character from her favorite book series, "Lord of the Rings." "The elegance of the elf ear is something I adore," she explained on a YouTube video documenting the surgery. Moon, who lives in Guelph, Ontario, said the decision to change her elf, er, herself, was a long time coming. She believes she was a fairy in a previous existence. "I have always been very close to nature.  Pointed ears are the most adorable thing, and I find the 'elven' attire is so elegant," she said, according to International Business Times. "I have always had fantasies about what it would be like to be something other than human, so I decided to change my appearance to look supernatural." The doctors who performed the $408 surgery skinned the tops of her ear cartilage. then skinned and cut pieces from the tips to form points. These tips were stitched together and removed a few weeks later after the ear skin was allowed to fuse, the Mirror reported. Moon said the treatment left her "a bit uncomfortable the day after" and her ears "were really swollen and sore with a slight burning sensation." But she said it's been worth it just for the reaction she gets from people.
"I have a handful of people assume I am dressed up because I have put on pointed ears." she said, the Daily Mail reported. "When I tell them they are real, they look pretty confused as if they are waiting for me to say 'just kidding' -- but I am not."

Thursday, December 12, 2013


South Africa – Among the enduring images from Nelson Mandela’s massive memorial service in Johannesburg Tuesday will be one of a jovial President Obama taking a cell phone pic with his seat-mates, Denmark’s Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt and Britain’s David Cameron. As the three of them smile for the camera, a stern-looking Michelle Obama can be seen staring straight ahead, hands clasped. As if to remind anyone who sees this photo years from now that it was, after all, a memorial service for one of the great human rights leaders. The first lady’s reaction — not just to the “selfie” but to her husband’s chatting and joking with the young Danish prime minister — was priceless. In one picture, Michelle Obama could be seen glaring over at him while he put his hand on Ms. Thorning-Schmidt’s shoulder. 


A Utah man faces a $25,000 arrest warrant on top of charges of lewdness, disorderly conduct charges and biting a police dog after being spotted causing a disturbance at a gas station. The Associated Press reported on Tuesday that 27-year-old Erasmo Guadalupe Garcia-Serna failed to appear in court on Tuesday, violating a Nov. 25 request from his attorney for more time to explore “possible mental health issues” before moving ahead with his case. Garcia-Serna first came into contact with authorities on Oct. 28, when police in West Valley, Utah, allegedly found him naked, yelling and trying to rip the gas hoses off the pumps. I said, ‘I’ve got a police dog, get on the ground, you’re gonna get bit by the dog,’” Officer Todd Zahlmann told KUTV-TV “He kept coming at me in a very threatening manner, so I released Lobo.” Lobo, Zahlmann’s K-9 partner, then charged the suspect and bit him in the chest. But Garcia-Serna then reportedly began biting the dog on the neck. “[Lobo] is now getting assaulted, so now I had to go in and help, to prevent him from getting hurt and injured,” Zahlmann said to KUTV. According to the AP, Zahlmann used his Taser against Garcia-Serna after kicking him three times to no effect. Garcia-Serna was arrested, but neither he nor the dog were critically injured. The Salt Lake City Tribune reported that the suspect was released from jail on Nov. 15 after promising to make the Nov. 25 hearing.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013



The victim of a sexual assault showed up to court to face her attacker. She was a goat. Katana Kitsao Gona, a 28-year-old man from Kenya, was sentenced to 10 years in jail after admitting he had sex with a goat, KTN Kenya reported Friday. The goat Gona was convicted of sexually abusing was present, brought there by prosecutors as evidence in the case. Gona was caught committing the crime last Monday, Prosecuting Chief Inspector Jimmy Kema said. The neighbor told prosecutors he went to urinate behind a bush, when he noticed clothes hanging on a tree.  He investigated and found Gona, naked, having sex with the goat. The victim was tied up to graze, according to The Star. The owner of the goat was alerted, along with other villagers who caught Gona engaging in the abuse. Police quickly took him into custody. A report from the district's veterinary officer noted that blood was found coming from its vulva, further evidence of sexual abuse.
Though Gona asked for a pardon in court, saying he had a disabled wife who depended on him, Magistrate Mrs. Muthoni Nzibe gave him the 10-year sentence -- a record sentence in that court for bestiality. Gona isn't the only busted goat abuser to make the news in recent months. In August, U.K. man Robert Newman served a six-week sentence after admitting he had sex with a goat. He also had to register as a sex offender.

Saturday, November 23, 2013


ORLANDO, Florida – An Orlando man has been arrested on aggravated battery charges after police say he attacked his pregnant sister over chicken nuggets. Kareem Gordon, 28, was arrested on Sunday night after the fight with his 25-year-old sister, who says Gordon ate her chicken nuggets without permission. After arguing, Gordon’s sister went to her bedroom but Gordon followed behind, yelling “I will punch you down.”  Gordon then grabbed her by her neck, pushed her into a nightstand, making her fall to the ground, police said.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Kansas – The mother of a Kansas teen who says he was suspended over refusing to take off his purse says her son was discriminated against because girls at the school are allowed to wear them, reports. “I don’t think everyone should be treated differently,” Skylar Davis, the teen at Anderson County Senior-Junior School, told the station. “Everyone should have the same privileges.” Davis reportedly says he was called down to the assistant principal’s office and was told to remove the colorful Vera Bradley bag draped over his shoulder. He refused. His mother told the station he had been wearing the purse since August and says he was suspended. 

Sunday, November 10, 2013



"A Russian performance artist was hospitalized Sunday after stripping naked and nailing his testicles to a Red Square cobblestone in protest against the Kremlin's crackdown on political rights. A video of the graphic action, available on Russian websites, showed artist Pyotr Pavlensky sitting naked outside Lenin's Mausoleum being covered with a blanket by police officers while horrified passersby looked on. The state-run RIA Novosti news agency said Pavlensky was taken to a police station after being treated in a central Moscow clinic. The Saint Petersburg-based artist said in a statement posted on the website that he was trying to draw attention to Russian society's inaction in the face of the development of a "police state". Russia marked its annual Police Day holiday on Sunday. It is not the first time the 29-year-old has resorted to eye-watering methods of protest. He has previously sown his lips together to demonstrate against the jailing of two female members of the Pussy Riot punk band who staged an anti-Kremlin performance inside Moscow's main cathedral in 2011. He was also arrested after wrapping his naked body in barbed wire outside a Saint Petersburg government building in May."


New York – Attorney David Schorr slapped a court-appointed shrink with a defamation lawsuit for telling the judge deciding a custody battle with his estranged wife that he was an unfit parent for refusing to take his son to the fast food joint for dinner. “You’d think it was sexual molestation,” Schorr, 43, told The Post Thursday. “I am just floored by it.” Schorr says in his Manhattan Supreme Court suit that E. 97th Street psychiatrist Marilyn Schiller filed a report saying he was “wholly incapable of taking care of his son” and should be denied his weekend visitation over the greasy burger ban. 


Army vet mother banned from daughters school for posting concealed weapons permit on Facebook  Georgia (CBS Atlanta) – A mother has been banned from her daughter’s school after she posted her concealed weapons permit on her Facebook page. Tanya Mount, an Army veteran, was informed by the Richmond County Board of Education police that she would be trespassing if she was stepped foot on McBean Elementary School’s property. “I feel like a criminal,” Mount told WRDW-TV. “I want to be heard. I want a public apology.” Mount said she was told by police that school principal Janina Dallas is scared of her because of her weapons permit.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

SAY WHAT???????????????

WEST POINT — Two West Point graduates were married Saturday in the military academy’s first wedding between two men. Larry Choate III, class of 2009, married Daniel Lennox, class of 2007, before about 20 guests. Choate taught Sunday school at the US Military Academy’s Cadet Chapel and said he always thought of it as the place he would get married if he could. West Point hosted two same-sex weddings of women in late 2012, more than a year after New York legalized gay marriage. But Saturday’s wedding was the first time two men wed at West Point. “It’s maybe one more barrier that’s pushed over a little bit, or maybe one more glass ceiling that’s shattered that makes it easier for the next couple,” Choate said Friday. Choate, 27, and Lennox, 28, are no longer in the military and wore tuxedoes for the ceremony. Some of their guests were in uniform. Lennox is getting his Master’s degree in business administration at Harvard University. Choate is applying to Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government. West Point has previously hosted two weddings between gay women. The pair did not know each other as cadets, but met later through a friend.



Sunday, October 20, 2013


"A Tennessee couple made their first appearance in court Friday to face allegations that they sold their daughters — ages 5, 12, 15 and 17 — to create child pornography. Connie Sue McCall, 40, and her husband Ronnie Lee McCall, 61, were charged with the unspeakable crimes by a federal grand jury. Investigators said paperwork shows they were selling their children to take part in sex films and that the young girls were forced to perform sexual acts in a number of different places. The parents were also strung out on bath salts at the time, according to WATE-TV. The revelations were only discovered when investigators arrested the parents after discovering deplorable living conditions inside their home. “When the youngest child was taken in, several if not all of her teeth were rotted,” District Attorney Tony Clark said, according to WCYB-TV. “There was animal waste inside the home.” Debbie Dunn with the Johnson City Police Department added that one of the girls had both head and body lice, flea bits, ring worm and rotten teeth. “The amount of tooth decay, you can imagine, was extremely painful. She had black teeth, and holes in all the teeth, just really inexcusable,” Dunn said, according to WATE-TV. After questioning the children, Johnson City Police determined the kids had been sold to create child pornography. “There was money that changed hands between the individuals that were taking pictures and the parents,” Clark said. “The children said that they had been taken to various locations and performing sex acts with an adult.” The U.S. Attorney’s Office took charge of the case after learning one of the girls was allegedly taken to South Carolina to film a sex film. “When you have parents allegedly making money off their kids through pornography and exploitation, even after 20 years, it’s one of the worst cases I’ve ever seen,” 1st Judicial District Attorney General Tony Clark said. The girls are now in the custody of child protective services.

Saturday, September 21, 2013


PANAMA CITY, Florida – A Panhandle woman who cut the head off a pet rabbit in front of her kids while high on meth won’t do prison time after pleading no contest Friday to felony counts of animal cruelty and child abuse. Tina Sandlin, 36, of Southport has been in jail since she was arrested Sept. 25 last year, and when she’s released she will be going straight to an inpatient drug-treatment facility. Judge Elijah Smiley sentenced her to five years on probation, the first 18 months of which will be drug offender probation. Sandlin will be eligible for early termination of her probation after 30 months if she meets her requirements, which include a provision that she have no contact with her husband. She also is not allowed to have contact with her children until she has been released from the treatment facility and been sober for 90 days; at that point, a counselor for the children will determine the circumstances of any visitation.

CWAZY LADY.......................

Thursday, September 12, 2013


"A woman in Georgia is marketing her services in the breast way possible -- by giving massages with her size 48NN breasts. And, yes, bra sizes do go that large. Kristy Love, 34, a certified massage therapist in Atlanta, advertises herself on her website as "THE premiere CMT BBW body rub specialist taking Atlanta AND the world to an all new level of BBW adult entertainment." For those of you who need some explaining, "CMT" is a certified massage therapist. A "BBW" is a big, beautiful woman. Love's clients can get both normal and "sensual" massages, but her stack-in-trade is something called the "happy man works" where she rubs her gigantic bosoms over various parts of her client's body for $300 an hour. Love claims on her website that the mammary massage is supposed to "keep you focused in the present and give you the opportunity to experience all aspects of your nature not just a part of your persona." Love didn't intend to put her boobs front and center when she started out in her masseuse career, but her attempts at finding a regular job was a bust. "When I finished beauty school, no one wanted to hire me. I got interviews but I kept getting asked if I'd be able to stand all day," Love said according to "People assumed my size would be a disadvantage. They'd never get back in touch." Love -- whose name is inspired by "Get Christie Love," an early-1970s crime drama about a sassy cop who told perps "You're under arrest, sugar!" -- decided to give massages out of her home and when one customer asked her if she could go topless, a 42NN light bulb went on in her head. “At first, I was indignant and said I didn't give those kinds of massages. I was ashamed of my body because I was so big," she said, according to the Daily Mirror. "But when I realized there might be something in breast massages.  I put an advert in the local newspaper and the phone began ringing off the hook."Love makes as much as $1300 a day doing the massages, and has worked out various techniques to using her breasts in different ways, such as body gliding, where she covers herself in oil and slides over the customer.Some customers just want to be squashed, a technique that Love says is not without risks."I have to keep an eye out when I'm squashing someone," she said, according to the Mirror. "I look at their feet and their fingers to make sure there is still movement there and they’re still breathing."But Love's chesty antics are rubbing other masseuses the wrong way. Michelle Rozzen,  a licensed massage therapist in Los Angeles, says Love's mammary rubdowns are completely unethical. "Kristy provides more of a sexual favor than massage, and it is considered inappropriate and illegal activity," Rozzen told The Huffington Post by email. "In massage school we are not taught to do what Kristy performs. It's more of a sexual act and it gives those professional massage therapists, whom actually give proper massages with their hands, a bad reputation."


MISSOULA, Mont. — A newlywed wife was charged Monday with killing her husband by pushing him off a cliff in Glacier National Park during an argument just a week after they got married. Charging documents suggest Jordan Linn Graham, 22, was having second thoughts about getting married around the time the body of her husband, Cody Lee Johnson, 25, of Kalispell, was discovered. Graham told an FBI agent that she and her husband had been arguing July 7 as they walked in the Loop Trail area of the park. At one point, she turned to walk away, but Johnson grabbed her arm, she said. She turned around, removed his hand from her arm and "due to her anger, she pushed Johnson with both hands in the back, and as a result, he fell face first off the cliff," an affidavit states. Johnson was reported missing July 8 when he failed to show up for work. Graham later reported that she had spotted his body. Graham made an initial court appearance Monday before U.S. Magistrate Judge Jeremiah C. Lynch on a charge of second-degree murder. She is currently in custody. Her attorney, public defender Andrew Nelson, declined to comment. Johnson's family and friends were relieved after calling for an investigation since his body was recovered July 12. "Two months probably isn't very long for an FBI investigation, but when you're waiting for answers, that's a lifetime," family friend Tracey Maness said. Maness said Johnson was excited about his wedding and in love with Graham. Graham initially told investigators that Johnson left their house late July 7 with unidentified friends in a dark-colored car with Washington state license plates. That night, she texted a friend and said she was about to talk to Johnson about her reservations about having gotten married the previous weekend. The friend, identified only by initials, told the FBI about receiving the text from Graham just before 9 p.m. in which Graham said, "Oh well, I'm going to talk to him." The friend responded, "I'll pray for you guys." Graham replied, "But dead serious if u don't hear from me at all again tonight, something happened." Another friend said Graham reported receiving an email July 10 saying Johnson had left with three friends, went hiking, had fallen and was dead. The next day, Graham reported to park officials that she had spotted Johnson's body. A ranger thought that was unusual, but Graham explained, "It was a place he wanted to see before he died," authorities said. Graham was interviewed July 16 and acknowledged lying about her husband's death, authorities said.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Philippines - The 35-year-old, from Calamba City, Philippines, has had 19 operations: nose jobs, skin whitening, liposuction, jaw realignment, pectoral implants and even abdominal implants to become a real-life Superman. Herbert Chavez first fell in love with the super hero – famed for his red cape and ‘S’ logo – when he was five-years-old watching him on television. Over the next 30-years he has spent around 300,000 Pesos on his obsession – a fortune compared to the average 90 peso hourly wage in the Philippines. Herbert regularly takes to the streets around his home dressed in full Superman regalia, with his hair gelled in distinctive curly fashion. He aims to teach children good morals while also brightening their day.

Sunday, September 8, 2013


Washington DC – Democratic Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton said Tuesday that at the current time, the only reason she would vote in favor of an attack on Syria was out of loyalty to Barack Obama. Appearing on radio’s Bill Press Show, the non-voting delegate from  the District of Columbia also said if the President actually gets the votes he  needs, “it’ll be because of loyalty of Democrats. They just don’t want to see  him shamed and humiliated on the national stage”